CSD Vision Statement & Guiding Principles

The Vision Statement and Guiding Principles will guide and inform the design process, ensuring that decision making reflects key aspirations of the entire Ryerson community.

Vision Statement: Creating connections for a healthy city.

      • IDENTITY: A hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, celebrating a holistic approach to health and wellness.
      • EXPERIENCE: A welcoming and inclusive home for new communities of living and learning.
      • LEGACY: A catalyst for innovation and excellence, transforming education and the city.

Guiding Principles

    • INCLUSIVITY: At the CSD, accessibility will be seamless, beautiful, and inclusive.
    • STUDENT EXPERIENCE: The CSD will foster the development of students and residents as responsible, caring, professional global citizens.
    • SUSTAINABILITY: The CSD will be a living lab, teaching through interaction and celebrating the connections between sustainability and health.
    • PEDAGOGY: The CSD will promote collaborative, transformative learning experiences, accommodating the full range of future pedagogical models.
    • CIVIC IDENTITY: The CSD will be a building that cares for its neighbourhood, its community, and its city.
    • PUBLIC REALM: The CSD will bring animation, activity, and safety to the street and extend an exciting public realm through the building.
    • FLEXIBILITY: Each space at the CSD will accommodate multiple uses, and the building will accommodate multiple futures.
    • COLLABORATION: The CSD will be built around a network of shared public spaces that offer frequent, varied opportunities to interact and collaborate.
    • INNOVATION: The CSD will embody Ryerson’s culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Daphne Cockwell Health Sciences Complex