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Ryerson is delighted to invest in new, purpose-built space for the Ryerson Theatre School (RTS). Located in the award-winning, high-profile Student Learning Centre (SLC) at Yonge and Gould Streets, the new RTS facility features more than 17,400 square feet of modern and accessible performance, learning and related support space.

From the start, the project has been a collaborative effort involving RTS faculty members — who have contributed essential input along the way — as well as an experienced theatre design consultant team. The facility’s construction is a complex yet well-choreographed initiative designed to create new space “out of thin air” with the creation of a new mezzanine level within an existing double-height space in the SLC. Highlights include:

  • Street-level box office located on Yonge Street
  • Sprung-floor studio and performance spaces featuring flexible seating free of sightline obstructions
  • Up-to-date wardrobe, lighting and audio facilities

The new RTS facility reflects Ryerson’s commitment to excellence in performing arts and culture, and will enable faculty, students and staff to enjoy exceptional training and performance experiences designed to shape the next generation of theatre and dance professionals.


Fall 2016: Ryerson University’s new Performing Arts Theatre is open!
For program information and a calendar of upcoming productions, visit Ryerson’s School of Performance (formerly Ryerson Theatre School).

What’s Happening

  • RTS: Fall Construction Update December 5, 2016

    Ryerson’s new performance theatre and educational space is now open! Occupancy began in late September with a full move-in completed by the end of October, enabling the University’s School of Performance to stage its first production, Clown 2016, in the new space on October 27.

    The theatre’s marquee over the Yonge Street Box Office and entrance is expected to be installed by the end of December, while a handful of the normal finishing touches and adjustments within the new space are soon wrapping up.

    Highlights of this flexible-seating theatre include state-of-the-art sound and LED lighting technology; in fact, procurement and installation of these elements were scheduled for as close to opening as possible to ensure the University could select the most up-to-the-minute technologies available within the project budget. In addition to high-calibre performance, the new systems feature much lower heat loads and require considerable less energy use than conventional lighting and sound systems. Another feature of the project has been the careful efforts to optimize the lighting and air circulation systems for a facility that is fully contained within another building.

    Special thanks to the project’s architectural firm, Zeidler Partnership Architects, as well as the entire project team which worked tirelessly to ensure the construction of the new theatre and educational space forged ahead smoothly within the fully-operational and very busy Student Learning Centre, with minimal disruption. And particular kudos are due to the Faculty User Group at Ryerson’s School of Performance for their collaborative spirit and terrific efforts at every stage of the project from design to move-in.

  • RTS: June Construction Update June 27, 2016

    Progress at the construction site of Ryerson’s new Theatre School is advancing quickly! The facility is on pace for occupancy on August 31 with substantial project completion anticipated by October 3. Here’s a quick summary of recent and upcoming project activity:

    The ductwork is complete, along with the electrical and mechanical rough-ins and drywalling. The washroom fixtures have been installed and the tiling is complete, while elsewhere in the space the lift has been installed and will soon be ready for the necessary inspections. The sound and lighting booth is nearly complete; sound and lighting equipment delivery will start in late August and continues through the fall Reading Week.

    The floor finishing has begun, starting on the upper level and working their way down. Painting is also underway, already at nearly 50% complete, while the installation of the acoustic wall panels in the studios has also started.

    Over the next few weeks, many light fixtures will be installed throughout the facility, as well as the ceiling grids in the studios, which are expected to be completed by the end of July. The sprung floor will be installed near the end of the project to prevent any damage to it.

    The signage, including the exterior “marquee” has been ordered and will be installed in early August.

    Throughout September, the site will be busy not only with the final construction, installations and inspections, but also the important training and orientation within the new space.

    As for move-in, the final production in Ryerson’s current performance space will be presented just before Thanksgiving. Move-in is currently scheduled to occur immediately after the fall Reading Week, and the next production will be the first in this beautiful new facility.

    Did you know? A time capsule has been incorporated into the facility!

  • RTS: April Construction Update April 8, 2016

    Interior colours and finishes, Ryerson Theatre SchoolMost of the ductwork is now in place, and nearly all of the electrical has been roughed in; most drywall has been installed as well. The interior materials and finishes have been selected (see photo), and the performance spring-floor has been selected and tendered. Work is underway on the complex process of installing the ceiling pipe grid, which will support the new lighting systems; this purpose-built structure must be fitted in “just so” to accommodate the necessary ductwork without interfering with the stage lights that will be attached to it. The move-in dates have been revised and are now scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend to allow for better preparation and planning for the transition to the new space.

Project Dates

Construction Start: August 2015

Projected Completion: Fall 2016

Projected Opening: Fall 2016

Project Details