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Learn more about Ryerson University’s Master Plan.

Ryerson University thrives on change. As Ryerson is interwoven with established and emerging communities, continually evolving retail hubs, modern civic spaces and historic streets, it is both a partner and a leader in realizing positive change in downtown Toronto. This institution is porous, overlapped and inseparable from the evolution of its neighbours and partners. The ideas set out in this Master Plan Principles document support the vision of Ryerson as a leading innovation university and as a city builder.

The Master Plan Principles document is a gateway into the principles that continue to guide campus development today. It is designed to be an accessible and graphically updated tool to help the community understand our approach to city building and managing change. Even as downtown Toronto continues its unprecedented growth, the Master Plan Principles remain current and continue to guide Ryerson through its 3 main goals:

  • Goal 1: Urban intensification
  • Goal 2: People first – pedestrianization of the urban environment
  • Goal 3: A commitment to design excellence