MaRS: June Construction Update

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June featured two important site activities on the Ryerson Lab at MaRS site.

In early June, the CPRE project team hosted a “Day in the Life” session, bringing together the Principal Investigators (PIs) who will be working in the space along with representatives from their existing labs and CPRE project team members. Together, they walked through the various workflows, logistics and processes as would unfold in the new facility, in an effort to better understand the practicalities of working in the new shared space. As Ryerson researchers have been operating in small, solo spaces scattered around campus, the shift to the new shared facility represents a significant change. (Read more about this in the Spotlight interview with Dr. Warren Wakarchuk.) The Day in the Life exercise surfaced invaluable insights and minor but important refinements to facility details, and helps everyone prepare for a successful transition.

Meanwhile, CPRE hosted a site tour for project stakeholders in mid-June. PIs and other members of the Faculty of Science joined representatives from Campus Facilities and Sustainability and other key university representatives to tour the site and observe the ahead-of-schedule construction progress first-hand. The tour was followed by a small celebration with the project architects, construction manager and other project team members to mark the milestones achieved to date.