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Ryerson Campus Public Realm Plan

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Ryerson is excited to announce that the Campus Public Realm Plan is approved! The plan is a flexible framework for improving our public spaces over the next 11+ years. As Ryerson grows, it must continue to provide a vibrant and engaging network of public spaces that promote a sense of collegiality and vibrant campus life for its students and the broader community.

The plan is a toolkit that aims to realize the guidance set out in the Master Plan Principles and the Academic Plan. Concept designs prioritize pedestrians and lay the groundwork for improved safety, accessibility and quality of place. Ultimately, this document is the vision that will help to create welcoming and inspiring spaces that enrich the campus experience outside of the classroom.

Thanks to the thoughtful input of the Ryerson community via our online survey and open house back in January 2015, the plan has been refined and improved based on what we heard. Highlights from your comments include:

  • Placemaking is important; the plan should create high quality destinations
  • Planting & greenery, lighting, public art and street furniture received the most attention in the comments
  • Some approaches can achieve multiple goals (e.g. lighting can address safety but also be a public art statement)
  • First priority project: Gould Street

The Campus Public Realm Plan is broken into phases to ensure realistic implementation goals. As projects are selected for we will be coming back to community for another round of discussions and workshops that will go on to inform the detailed design process. We look forward to hearing from you soon as we move closer to turning the vision into reality!

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