Building Ryerson’s bright future

Ryerson’s Capital Projects and Real Estate team conducts all real estate activity at the University — from building new facilities to leasing and outfitting nearby spaces – to craft the physical spaces in which students, faculty and staff can thrive. We are driven by shared values of transparency, design excellence and sustainability, and guided by the University’s Master Plan goals, our projects support Ryerson’s academic needs and the community we serve.

Finding and building the spaces where people thrive

Ryerson’s rapid growth and unique location in Toronto’s crowded downtown core pose significant challenges to our expansion. These twin factors challenge us to think creatively and they require smart planning to grow, often vertically and by making use of scarce space sustainably.

Experts in such disciplines as planning, architecture, sustainable design, programming, construction and project management, the CPRE team brings both passion and expertise to our projects to enhance both the university community and the city we love.

By putting people first, we are committed to making a meaningful contribution to the growth of a vibrant, diverse and sustainable downtown for Toronto.

Ryerson’s Capital Projects and Real Estate Team

In building our great downtown university, the CPRE team:

  • Works in close collaboration with Ryerson’s leadership to understand the University’s short- and long-term space needs as guided by the priorities established in the University’s Academic Plan and the annual budget and funding process
  • Finds, purchases or leases new space and facilities
  • Manages all real estate transactions for the University, in collaboration with all departments, stakeholders, and construction and developer partners
  • Works through the lifespan of new projects, from space planning, to sourcing and working with architects and designers, to securing construction management and contractors, to developing work plans, schematics and zoning applications to managing complex municipal approval processes
  • Collaborates with University user groups throughout the planning, design and construction process, and then in helping them to prepare their operations for new spaces through the deployment of our specialized operational readiness teams
  • Manages ongoing leases
  • Functions as landlords for campus space leased to tenants such as Balzacs, CIBC, Alterna and more
  • Remains committed to open, fair and transparent dealings with the city, our neighbours, vendors, and other stakeholders

Capital Projects & Real Estate
111 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1Y2

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