A Unique Building

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The SLC will be a state-of-the-art addition to the city and the university campus, providing students with a variety of spaces for individual and group study. Along with the glass façade, there will be an elevated plaza, a bridge connecting to the Library and academic, study and collaborative spaces. The Yonge Street frontage will feature prominent retail space.

Senior Project Manager Peter Vankessel, Capital Projects and Real Estate, notes that even the way it is being constructed distinguishes the SLC. “It’s very different from a condo or an office tower build. Every level is unique, so there is a great deal of planning, preparation and construction detail to consider even before concrete can be placed. For example, condo buildings are generally pretty uniform and often progress at the rate of one floor per week.”

The SLC’s unique characteristics begin at the ground level, with two tilted columns rising up through the building to the third and sixth floors. The columns were thoroughly tested to ensure the installation method and adherence to appropriate engineering standards. In addition, the SLC’s glass-curtain wall, the transparent glass “skin” of the building that provides varying lighting qualities within the interior, underwent testing for structural, thermal and envelope performance. “We drove wind and water into the glass-curtain wall at 130 km/h, simulating hurricane-force winds,” Vankessel says. “It performed perfectly. Given the performance test results, we can now move into fabrication of the curtain wall components.”